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faviconWell here I am again talking about my love of ricotta cheese.  I am especially delighted to say that I found a really great post regarding the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in Sicily.  The author draws you into a genuine Sicilian atmosphere with her descriptions so I decided it best to provide you with the short excerpt below which you can read and then follow on by clicking the link through to read the entire article, which is a treat for lovers of good food.  Be prepared also to lose your breath at the fantastic photography that has been added which only serves to further transport the reader to this island gem.


I still cannot decide what I loved the most about my recent trip to Sicily. I keep changing my mind on the topic.

To start, there was Fabrizia, daughter of Anna Lanza who founded the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School where we were invited to spend five days. Then there was the amazing culturally rich group of people I joined who had flown from all across the globe–from Japan, Scotland, England and Germany. There was also the casual beauty of Case Vecchie, the heart and soul of the school, and the gorgeous wild flowers beautifying every landscape that unfolded before our eyes–they knew well I was going to go crazy when I’d catch sight of them everywhere.

And then there was the food and wine with behind it all, the friendly faces of Sicilians.

Clearly, this all felt like a dream.

Except that this dream was real.

I had only traveled to Sicily once before when I was in my early twenties. Which oddly didn’t leave me with strong memories about Sicilian food.

Fabrizia took care of changing that image for me.


Whole - Julia's Jamie Oliver Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Fabrizia is the daughter of Anna Tasca Lanza, a known name on the Sicilian food scene.

I feel silly to admit it but, because she is Sicilian, I didn’t imagine that Fabrizia could be tall. But she was. Framed by beautiful gray curly hair, her face always expressed a genuine smile enhanced by bright blue eyes that exuded an obvious joie-de-vivre.

I didn’t imagine that she was going to welcome us like family either. But she did. Generously.  So naturally, it seemed.  In 1989, Fabrizia’s mother, Anna Tasca, decided to open her cooking school on her family’s 19th-century estate known for its fine wines. Although she didn’t at first have any other intention but enjoy cooking, her school rapidly acquired a reputation on the international scene. During her lifetime, Anna met food icon Julia Child. She appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and wrote a few cookbooks on Sicilian cuisine–which revealed the beauty of Sicilian land and cuisine to the world.

Fabrizia was her only daughter.

…More at A warm welcome to Case Vecchie


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In summary, I hope that my readers enjoy this Sicilian odyessey.  It has certainly provided an almost irrestible desire on my part to visit this little Mediterranean jewel in order to sample its wonderful cuisine, seductive wines and long sunny days.  It would be no exaggeration to say that I can already envisage myself sitting out in the late evening under an old tree sipping a lovely glass of red wine and enjoying some amazing local dish featuring oodles of ricotta, pasta and locally grown produce.  Mouthwatering in the extreme.


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